I listen, and I forget
I see, and I remember
I do, and I understand

- Chinese Proverb

Nantucket Island, 2018


Like Sea Glass: A Hand Full of Light, Between Infinity

This project is an installation in space. The concept is based on letting go of the ideas of up and down, and left and right. I invited 25-30 people to a beach on Nantucket Island to take one of my glass shapes and throw it up in the air at the same time. The event was filmed and recorded with still photographs as the glass was suspended in the sky. Aesthetically, we created harmony of color, shape, composition, and motion in space. It was spontaneous and the significance is that energy, matter, space, and time, (Einstein's Theory of Relativity,) were all part of the process to create beauty. Scientifically, the installation was based on the interaction of gravity and air, and how our lives are defined by both. Sociologically, people of all ages came together to share a moment based on a synchronized, common goal, and were unified by the results.

You will notice that some of the more successful still photographs are defined by typical boundaries which surprised me. This event has led me to ask, how many ways are there to experience art?

MJ Dickson’s "Like Sea Glass: A Hand Full of Light, Between Infinity” from Dan Driscoll on Vimeo.